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All you have to do to enjoy this free 4-day preview of HBO and Cinemax is jump into a time machine and go back to last Wednesday.

Can anyone answer the following two questions:

1.) What’s the point of a free preview if you don’t tell anyone that it’s on?

Verizon almost never informs its customers of these free bonuses, but does like to ask if you enjoyed them enough to pay for more. So the only way you’ll know about them is if you check the movie channels every day to see if they are on.

2.) Why is it that during the final day of each free preview the On Demand gets blocked?

A long long time ago, if you started watching a show/movie a day or two before the preview ended, you could continue watching it the day after. But for a long time now, if you’re just a few hours into the final day of the preview and you accidentally let the show you’re watching time-out on pause, you won’t be able to finish it, or start watching anything else.

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