FS2 is Now in HD
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I am in Northern Virginia and I noticed over the weekend that FS2 was now in HD. There was a lot of talk about this not being in HD a few months or years ago. Not that it has much content I am interested in but some of you may be.

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I just noticed that now as I was looking for the coverage of the Champions League matches today.   About a week ago I noticed that there was a channel listed on 584 that I believe was a Spanish Fox Sports channel that showed up in the guide, but wasn't part of my package.   Now it appears that Fox Sports 2 HD is on that channel which is great to see that Verizon finally brought this to HD to match the other companies that have had it for a long time.    It was unwatchable for soccer in SD so glad to not have to stream matches all the time now on the Fox Soccer 2 Go app.   Now they just need to add Premier Leauge Extra Time from NBC and the soccer fans will be happy campers.