Favorite Channels

Anyone know how to copy favorites from one new quantum set top box to another.

I keep reading the all the borchures on how easy it us to do, but no one on the internet has been able to figure it out yet,  Not to mention a search on this forum yeaild reuslts from 2009.  Its 2015 and still have to add 500 favorites on three boxes.

Called tech support to ask and all he did was google it and give me the first useless suggestion that came up.  WHen that didn't work he gave me the 'wait 24 hours' and magically the setttings from your old box will appear.  If they don't you have to re-add them.  Brilliant. 

Any help anyone can provide is appreciated.



Re: Favorite Channels
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Save all your settings to cloud in the cable box make sure all your boxes have a name like bedroom, kitchen, basement etc now the box with all your favorites say its named basement save those settings to cloud, now go to your other boxes and go to restore settings from cloud and pick basement hit ok all those favorite settings will download to the box, go to the other boxes and do the same. Thats what I did.