Fed up DVR and Box issues
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have called Verizon 4 times this week with DVR issues.   3 of those times the wait time was over an hour.   I have the G3100 router and Fios One boxes.  These are supposed to be the top of the line stuff, well it feels more like the bottom of the line.  We have 2 DVR boxes, and 5 mini boxes, one of the DVR boxes kept rebooting itself every couple of minutes so after 3 calls they finally replaced it.  New one is here and guess what an issue as can't see DVR recordings. Tech guy helped me just like the other 3 tech guys helped me previously, but how long will this be fixed, hope more then a day.  My last Bill was almost $300, crazy to be paying that much money and for this many issues.  I should charge Verizon for my time that I have to call them,   . and for the issues I had.   I am thinking of calling Consumer Affairs as well as BBB because Verizon is starting to make cable look good again.