Few Questions and Issues with FIOS DVR
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After waiting for a few years FIOS Finally arrived at my house.  I switched from DISH to FIOS.  Here are my issues.

QIP7232-2 DVR  IMG 1.8 HMDVR

1.  If there is a duplicate show the DVR still records the show, even though the settings are set All Shows, "No Duplicate recordings"

2.  There are no options for setting recording order priorities.  If there are three shows which  are set to record (dvr can record only two shows), there is no way to set the priorities of which shows to record, and which show to skip and record on its next airing.

3.   There appears to be no option to Skip on New, where if the shoiw are setup to record and two of the three shows are new they should get the recording priority, over the rerun.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Re: Few Questions and Issues with FIOS DVR
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I'll add..

If I'm watching a program and the DVR needs both tuners to record something on other channels, I get a message saying the DVR needs to change channel to [program A] and I have to option of switching or staying where I am and cancelling the recording. However, What if I'd rather continue to record [program A] but cancel [program B] instead? There is not way I can see to do that easily.

The option should really be :

- Continue to record [program A] cancelling [program B] and leaving the tuner where it is

- Continue to record [program B] cancelling [program A] and leaving the tuner where it is

- Switch to record both [program A] and [program B]