FiOS Mobile App Error - iPad - On Demand - Error Code: 307

Sending out a cry for help/recommendations. I have seen a few comments out there for this issue with no resolution. I believe there are many more users not reporting this yet, but as they find the ability to take premium content offline on their ipads (even if it's just 24 hours) it will ramp up fast.

I've been using the FiOS mobile app on both Android and iOS devices for years. Linear streaming and remote DVR Manager have been working fine. Just recently, noticed you can download Premium content like Starz for offline viewing (done by providing a 24 hour "rental" window). Great since Verizon doesn't offer a Cloud DVR like comcast...ironic but best left for another thread.

What Works - My Samsung S5 running lolipop

I'm subscribed to everything (including Starz), and have been able to use the feature on my S5 . You navigate to the On Demand menu in the app, then go to Premium, select Starz and pick what you want and select "Download Now"

What Doesn't - My iPad 3 running iOS 8.3

For some reason, i cannot get ANY On Demand content (Featured, Movies, TV Shows, Premium, Network) to come up without rendering the exact same error message after it starts "Retreiving TV Show Details" or "Retreiving Movie Details", i get the following error message - This feature is available only to Media Store registered users. Error Code: 307

I'm working with the FiOS Mobile App team (sent them an email from within the app on my ipad which places all the device details nicely in one message for them).

They advised I first reset my router and DVR, then logout and log back into the i change.

They then advised the same routine, and unsinstalling and reinstalling the app...tried that...also no help.

Last resort was to remove the device (iPad) from my authorized device list, however, i get prompted with having reach my limit (only allowed to deauthorize and reathorize twice per device). They asked i email them if i got that message, now waiting for further instructions.

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Any update? Facing the same.