FiOS ONE DVR with older FiOS DVR

I want to upgrade to the FiOS One service but also need the older FiOS DVR.  I have one TV that needs the Component Video out that the new FiOS ONE doesn't have.  I currently have Enhanced Service (1 DVR, 100 Hrs) but willing to upgrade to Premium Service (2 DVRs , 200 hrs).  So I have 5 TVs.  I want a FiOS ONE DVR and 3 set top boxes to service 4 TVs.  Then, one older FiOS DVR to connect to the one TV.  No interaction is necessary.  The new set top boxes DO NOT need to access the older DVR.  They can be treated like two completely separate systems.  Will Verizon allow this?  Is it even possible?

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Community Leader

You'll have to ask Verizon if they will do that.  Try the chat folk.

Or, buy an HDMI to Component converter for about $30 from Amazon.  Problem solved!