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When I recorded the last episode of The Blacklist, my dvr only recorded 45 minutes. No idea why. Started at the beginning like normal but stopped with 15 minutes left. Bummer. But no biggie - I can get the episode On Demand.  So I pull it up from On Demand and start watching. I'm annoyed that fast forward doesn't work with this service, but then it's network tv and not a cable show so I guess the $%^#(@ commercials are a fact of life. Agaiin, annoying, but not the end of the world.

I begin watching, waiting to get to the point where my dvr cut the episode off, and have to pause it to take a call. The system times out but I can select "Resume Play" which is great. IF IT WORKED!!! It did not. Instead, the show started again from the beginning.

Hey Verizon - FIx tHiS!!! It's really annoying!!

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Resume of VOD has been an issue for quite a while (several years at least).

Unfortunately, we have not gotten any update from Verizon on getting this issue fixed.