FiOS One. Replay and skip
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Good morning everyone, 

So the settings page under DVR had a Skip and Replay. I had mine with the old boxes at 1 minute for the Skip and 30 seconds On Replay. Now the settings still exist in the new boxes.. but the functionality is gone. (Skip still works with my Logitech remote but Replay does not).

Can they configure the New Bluetooth remotes to fast forward when clicking on fast forward.. but skipping when holding the fast forward button? And rewind when clicking rewind but Replay when holding the rewind button? This shouldn't be to difficult.. and would be really help specially when you are trying to Skip in a place where you can't be speaking with the remote.

Re: FiOS One. Replay and skip
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The skip and replay functions are assigned to the left and right

‘dots’ around the OK button on the new remote.  Same functionality as far as i can tell.  Still getting used to the new remote and creating that ‘muscle memory’ in my fingers 😉