FiOS Select and the Sports Package

DO NOT downgrade to the Select HD package and expect to add on the Sports Package! Verizon does not allow this!

It is a shame too; I was poking around on the website and saw every channel I really care about was available two levels below what I had (Extreme HD). I saw the ONLY channel (NBC Sports Network - read: F1) I really wanted had the little dollar sign next to it, meaning it could be added on with a premium channel package. So I downgraded my TV and upgraded my internet (because who doesn't want more internet speed?) but forgot to inquire the salesperson about adding the Sports Package. Then I waited the two weeks for my changes to take effect and had to call up again, only to be told that NOT ONLY IS IT NOT AVAILABLE WITH MY PACKAGE but THAT I WOULD HAVE TO UPGRADE A LEVEL THEN ADD THE SPORTS PACKAGE!

I bet if I really had the means (and I hope someone does), I could sue Verizon for false advertising. I mean, I now have no desire to even follow F1. What the hell is the fun in following a motorsport if you cannot watch it!? Circuit of the Americas in Austin is also losing out on my money, because now I have no desire to attend the race in November either.

Way to go Verizon. If your customer service (normally, of course, minus this incident) was not heads and shoulders above Comcast (Xfinity, or whatever they are calling themselves nowadays), you would also be losing a long-time customer.

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