FiOS TV One DVR Issue (multiple VMS4100 units)

Just did my own FiOS TV One install of 8 STBs (previously wired for Altice, using existing coax in the house for the STBs, g3100 wired w Ethernet and coax for gigabit and moca over LAN, e3200 range extender.

STB breakdown is as follows:

2 VMS4100 (living room/kitchen)

6 Mini

My question pertains to multi room DVR.  With Fios TV One each VMS4100 can be setup with 4 Minis.  We have 8 TVs in the house, therefore we required two VMS4100 and they are each linked to 3 Minis.  

Since the two VMS4100 are their own “servers”, it’s creating two separate DVR “networks”.  In having the two servers, I am unable to watch recorded shows from one DVR on another STB that is in the other ”network”.

TLDR; is there a way I can view recorded shows that are on one VMS4100 from a STB attached to the other VMS4100?

Thanks in advance!

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Not sure I have an answer for you, but you could try Arris support at: 888-944-HELP (888-944-4357) or 1-215-323-2345.