FiOS TV One Mini - Constantly Freezing on Ethernet
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I am currently experiencing an issue where 2 of my STBs are constantly freezing at random intervals. I have a total of 7 STBs, 3 of which is connected via Ethernet and 4 connected via MoCA.

Coincidentally, the 2 boxes that are giving me issues are connected to one of the 2 main STBs. 

My network consists of this:

  • ONT -> FiOS G3100 -> UniFi 24-Port Switch -> TP-Link 8 port
  • UniFi access points

They were connected to my UniFi switch but when I was trying to diagnose I connected it to my G3100 directly and one of the boxes were working with no problems for about a week. However, I'm still having the same issue on the other one. 

I already restarted the main STBs.

Anyone have any ideas why this could be happening?

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I can't seem to find the post anywhere. But I have read due to the verizon router's small NAT table there is a 2 stb limit on ethernet. Can you switch it with one that's connected to MoCA to see if problem still exists? Or better connect it with MoCA instead?

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Hello, thank you for the reply

I will test that and check with you.

My question is, this was never a problem before until recently. Everyone was able to watch it throughout the year until the fall time, just about. 

You may be right, but I just haven't been experienced this issue and it's been about 2 years running it like this (3 STBs with ethernet).