FiOS TV Set-Top Box restarting

One of our set-top boxes had recently begun to restart randomly when it was on. It would usually happen later in the day, and the number of times it would reboot ranged from once to almost constantly. It stopped one day, however, and the display showed "dl", despite the fact that it didn't look like it was downloading anything for several hours. We tried to unplug it and plug it back in, but now it just displays a "0" when it is turned on. Please help.

Re: FiOS TV Set-Top Box restarting
Master - Level 3

Sorry for the troubles with your box restarting then freezing. Do you have anything sitting ontop of the box? If the vent holes get blocked the system will overheat then restart itself regularly. After making sure that the vents are unblocked, unscrew the coax cord from the back of the box and unplug the power cord. Wait 1 min. Screw the coax cord back on the plug in the power cord. Please let us know if further assistance is required.