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Can someone please break down the prices Verizon charges if you have a TiVo HD that accepts an M cablecard?  Ie, truck roll is x amount and cablecard is x amount per month.

Thank you

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truck roll = free

per month = 3.99

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Well... I got Tivo to upgrade me to a TivoHD for $99 and keep my existing plan of $6.95/month. So, hopefully tehre will be no hassles. Im about to call Verizon and set up the install. Tivo warehouse is about 10 miles from my house...ships tomorrow and should be here Wednesday.

So, if you guys want to upgrade, just tell them you are thinking about canceling Tivo service and switching to your cable company. The refurbs are $199, and if you say you are going to cancel, then a new door opens and there is a $99 upgrade and you keep your existing plan. They said the refurb isnt really a refurb, but more of an open box return. They package it all back up, then send it out. It keeps the new Tivo warranty.