FiOS blocking YES Network/MLB on FOX Sports Go??

So MLB announced last year that local games wll be available through the FOX Sports Go app & website. This is very very exciting news. Friends in the Tri-State area have been successfully been able to log into the FSG app and website to watch Yankees game when they are not at home - they simply log in with their cable provider credentials. 

I was excited to do this. I downloaded at app and could see YES Network listed. But as soon as I signed in, YES went away? I asked the FSG support account on Twitter and they said it was Verizon FiOS that was blocking it. And other friends have successfully been able to log in with TWC accounts and watch YES Network on the FSG app and website. 

So why is FiOS blocking access? I'd prefer not to have to switch back to TWC but since sports is really the last remaining reason I haven't cut the cord completely - if FiOS isn't going to allow this, I would. Then I'd get NY1 and YES on mobile. 

Can anyone from Verizon confirm if and when this will be available to customers? 

Re: FiOS blocking YES Network/MLB on FOX Sports Go??
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Community Leader

No they are not blocking it.  What device are you using to access.