FiOS remote on/off and control of other devices.

I've been reading the manual (see link below) for the remote that came with our FiOS system.  I saw that the remote can be programed to turn on and off select components at the same time.  I also saw that the remote can control your home theater system as well.

Remote Manual Link:

I tried to program the remote to control the home theater system under the AUX mode.  It is able to raise and lower the volume and turn off the receiver, but, cannot turn it on.

I programed the remote to turn on/off the TV, Set-top Box and Home Theater System (see pg. 7) at the same time.  When doing all at the same time via the STB mode, the TV, Set-Top and Home Theater System turn off, but only the TV and STB turn on.

TV is a Sony KDP-50W655 (I think).

Set-Top is the Moto HD QIP6200.

Home Theater is an Onkyo HT-R540.

Any idea why or how to solve this?


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Hello there!  Unfortunately there will be certain devices that just do not work 100% with a universal remote.  You basically have two options with this scenario:

1.) Attempt a manual code search for the device in question

2.) Just use the remote that came with the receiver (this is really the only way to guarantee 100% functionality of the features you would need the remote for anyway)

I'm sorry that there's no other solution to this.