FiOS screen saver doesn't exist on new Quantum boxes! Be wary of "burn-in"

Apparently, Verizon has removed from its Quantum Multi-Room Set-top Box (its most advanced box!) the Standby Screen Saver that it has on all its other boxes. It is a feature that Comcast and DirecTV has as well. This feature prevents burn-in, especially a problem when watching a program with captions or graphics on a part of the screen (e.g., CNN, MSNBC, ESPN) and one pauses the images for more than 5-10 minutes. Verizon used to have (and the other companies still have) the Standby Screen Saver feature, which would turn the screen black after a few minutes, and then have a small logo or something float around the screen; they put something there so you'd know the TV was still on, and had it move around so it wouldn't give you burn-in. 

I am not sure why Verizon removed it, and why they can't put it back. If others feel the same way, I hope they will respond to this forum.


Re: FiOS screen saver doesn't exist on new Quantum boxes! Be wary of "burn-in"
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What happens when you turn box off?

What do you see on screen?

What software version do you have?

A new Quantum version was jsut released.

If you have 4.7, it possible something got messed up in that version.