Fios G3100 vs G1100 with Orbi (DVR Streaming Issues to Fios TV App)
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Having issues streaming from my FIOS TV One DVR to the TV app on my iPad (either won't stream or getting error messages). I currently have the G1100 Router with 100/100 internet. I use the Orbi Mesh System (main plus 2 satellites) purchased directly from Verizon. Would I see any benefit by purchasing the new G3100 router and replacing the G1100? I would still use the Orbi Mesh System for WiFi. Would it solve the app streaming issues? The app is one of the worst apps I've seen. The bug fix and break it. I've reached to to Verizon but they are about as useless as the app. All they want you to do is reset everything. Been there, done that. Doesn't help. Hoping someone on the user forum can help. Thanks in advance.