Fios Mobile App Does Not Work

We are having a huge problem with the Fios Mobile app to access our DVR on the go.  First, we are only allowed to contact Fios Mobile App support through the app.  They made a suggestions on what to do.  We did them and now cannot access our open ticket any more.  We've had to create three tickets to continue to work on this problem.  The email they send us with suggestion is a noreply email which forces you to go to the app.  But the app now won't show any messages or open or closed tickets after we did the suggestions in their last message.  So we keep having to open a new ticket each time.  Basically we have Quantum Fios and cannot access our DVR from our mobile device either in our home or outside of our home.  We can access our DVR from our computers at home.  So what gives?  Calling Verizon is no help at all.  They tell us we have to work with the third party vendor they hired, to create the Verizon Mobile App.  But they are useless.  We cannot even respond back to them via email, only through the app which does not work.  Very disappointed with Verizon support on their mobile app.  There should be some accountability back to Verizon or someone who we can physically talk to.   We have reset our verizon quantum fios router, all our verizon set top boxes, turned off our Verizon range extenders,  redownloaded verizon fios mobile app to no avail.  Someone please help.  We can't even respond on the app more than one sentence at a time!

Re: Fios Mobile App Does Not Work
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.