Fios Mobile App cannot watch DVR recorded shows

Just switch from Comcast to Fios 2 weeks ago. I have talked to 2 tech supports and created 2 tickets, but issues have not been resolved.

Here is my problem:

In my Fios Mobile app (version 5.9) from my ipad, when I click on DVR from the menu on the left, I only see a message Get Even More from your Tv! Fios Quantum ...., instead of the options to View Recording, and so on.

When I click the Remote Control icon, I got "Unable to find any set-top box.  Please make sure you are connected to your Fios Wi-Fi network."

I browse throuch the same issue, did all the steps including rebooting the set top box master, ipad, router., Check the subnet.  No luck.

I have Triple Play with Fios TV Ultimate HD and Multi-Room DVR Enhanced Service and Fios Gigabit Connection.

Thank you

Re: Fios Mobile App cannot watch DVR recorded shows
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Is your iPad on your home WiFi. Remote control function only works if you are.

And you haves to register device on VMS while on home network before you can view content.

Re: Fios Mobile App cannot watch DVR recorded shows
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What Verizon wont tell you until after several months and many hours on support is that streaming wil only work in two ways;
1) when In-Home and connected via WiFi to your Verizon router.
If you have a more secure and faster setup with mutliple routers or better third-party routers, this will not work. We have to switch networks to watch movies, then back to the faster routers for other use.

2) when Out-Of-Home, you MUST be connected over LTE.  Wifi and non-LTE cellular do not work.  The good side is LTE streamig of video does not count against your data limits.
Wifi streaming used to work. It used to work wonderfully.  I could connect to the WiFi where we had no cell service, and stream movies.  I could use my iPad and stream over hotel Wifi. But NO MORE!

Now you are limited to devices with LTE data plans.
AND DO NOT EVEN THINK about teathering from your LTE device.
You can stream just fine, BUT Verizon will charge that against your data limits!

I have no idea why Verizon hates its customers so much.
But greed is powerful.  
If there were techical reasons I could accept it. But things used to work great and now they just keep limitig usage to force increasing income streams.

Re: Fios Mobile App cannot watch DVR recorded shows
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I use my app with WiFi outside of my house all the time.

And have tethered also.

Have you used the in app support to help troubleshoot?

Do you get an error message when trying to play?

And if you have Verizon wireless, app data doesn't count against data usage.

So no extra income there.