Fios Mobile App problems - not recognizing when at home

hi everyone, 

When trying to watch programs on the Fios Mobile app from the "expanded" set of shows and channels that are only available when you're home, it never recognizez that I am home. 

I'm assuming that it is able to tell when you should be able to watch these offerings when your device is connected to the network, but I set mine differently, with my own wireless router connected to the Verizon one and providing the wifi.  I had a rather creepy interaction with a Verizon tech support rep about 2 years ago, where he commented on the number of devices connected to the network and then naming some of them; My iPhone, my MacBook Pro, my roommates iMac, etc., and actually seeing our first names on each device name. I realized it was because I had set my router as a bridge, and left the Verizon one as the dhcp server. I always knew the router itself listed the connected devices, but never thought that Verizon techs at a remote site could see that deep into my network. So, I set it with my router as a static address, and have it act as the dhcp for my wifi. Problem solved, right? Now come the inconveniences with this setup; The fios mobile app doesn't recognize my devices on the network to permit viewing of the expanded lineup. And, we're not able to use the virtual stb remotes in the mobile apps.

Has anyone else run into the same problem? If so, am I right about the cause, and does anyone know a workaround? Or is this just one of the trade offs I have to live with for the privacy I'm looking for?


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you may want to check Re: FIOS Mobile App - Live TV Streaming. May be your router is assigned to VZ id and not your user id

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In order for FIOS App to recognize you are home, it needs to be on the same subnet as your STBs.

Might be a bit of a pain, but maybe have wireless enabled on FIOS router and only use it when you want to be "at home"