Fios Mobile & FiOS TV app only work over LTE Network, NOT Home WiFi

I had Fios Gigabit & Custom TV installed a week ago. I've been trying to stream certain channels to no avail. Some channels stream fine but the ones we want, do not work (go figure).

I'm trying this with Food Network and the Nickelodeon channels (Nick Jr., Nicktoons, etc). I've tried with both apps, FiOS Mobile and FiOS TV. I am subscribed to these channels. These channels stream 100% when I'm OFF my Verizon Home router over LTE and even my neighbor's Xfinity WiFi service. As soon as I reconnect to my home verizon wifi router, the channels freeze, buffer, never get back on. How weird is that? Please tell me what's going on!

I'm getting these results on 2 VZW iPhone 7 and an iPad Mini. My Verizon Router is the G1100.

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Try deleting both apps and then only installing one.

If still having issues, use the in app support to open a TT.

They can be helpful in diagnosing issues.