Fios One nightmare

To Whom it may Concern,

I have been a Verizon customer for many years, both FIOS and Wireless. I have always rely on their best service. To have the best be with the best.

I hate to say that I'm very disappointed with my FIOS service. About 6 months ago I have upgraded to FIOS One, the first week was awesome (great quality) but right after I have been experiencing issues with the picture quality in all 4 boxes I have. It started to glitch and seeing distorted image (even from OnDemand and DVR). my fix was just to turn off/on the boxes. this was just a daily thing to do, after a couple of days the main box was working with good but the issues continues in the other 3 small boxes. This time my temporary fix was to reboot the main box (this was also a daily routine). as of today 4 Verizon tech has visited my home to fix the issue, they have done everything to get the issue resolved (replaced the coaxial splitter inside and outside, replaced a box outside my home, replaced my main box and Router) I was using a wire connection and the last tech switched the boxes to connect to wifi but same issue, even worst as before. A tech came in yesterday 12/22/19 and spoke with the last tech that came on 12/15/19. They said that they have escalated this issue to tier2 and they are waiting for a respond.

My family have  been only able to watch TV in my living room only.

I cant even watch a sport event in any of the small boxes because it glitches, do you know how annoying is watching a sport game when it glitches?!?!?! My daughter and wife has been forces to use the smart TV apps to watch TV (Netflix, Prime, Hulu...etc) in rooms that has the small boxes. I'm a very patience person but this is ridiculous! I have been paying for all my service for this past 6 months since upgrading to FIOS One and I have been only able to watch TV in my main box!!!

I'm very seriously considering changing to another service provider if this issue is not resolved soon! I have to leave Verizon but I have no other choice.

I was trying to find a Verizon customer email address but I was not able to, this is why I'm posting this.

I hope someone can reach out to me to discuss.

Thank you.

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I used to see hesitation type glithes as well. See if this helps you. On your remote Go to: Menu/settings/audio & video/video settings/video format. Your setting is probably 2160 which is a 4K resolution. Basically you must match what your watching with the proper video resolution. As follows:

1- If you have a 4k tv- set the resolution to 2160 ONLY when you watch something that is in 4k. If your watching normal hd (most programming these days) set the resolution to 1080p.

2- If you have normal hd tv's then set the resolution to 1080p for all programs.

The tv's might be the issue as some have difficulties converting resolutions when watching programs that don't match your tv or video settings. Hope this helps.


Also hook the minis back up to wired. Whether you use ethernet or coax doesnt matter, they work best wired.