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I lost my TV signal over the weekend, and it is really hard to get a technician to come out. I had an appointment today, but they cancelled it.

I have a red vid light on the ONT. I think the problem may be the fiber patch cable feeding the ONT.  The fiber line comes into my basement and stops just over the ONT. There is a splice and a patch cable connects the splice to the ONT. Is it possible to buy a different patch cable somewhere?


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According to the Verizon FIOS TV User Guide (page 12), a solid red light means the signal from the fiber isn't strong enough to support video. Generally, that means that the line is misaligned, dirty, or the line coming into your house has been damaged. It could also be a bad ONT. I don't know where you could get one of the patch cables, but I also suspect that's not the problem. If that's all in your basement, and there aren't any tiny critters making their home in your ONT, my first guess would be the line into your house.

It might help if you can post pictures of the ONT you have (especially the status lights) and the cabling into the ONT.

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If the fiber is spliced  it is something  that you will not be able to fix on your own. You will need to wait for a technician.