Fios Quantum Downgrade
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I thought Quantum was supposed to be better than the Fios TV service I had, so I "upgraded."  This product seems like it wasn't ready to deploy.  

-The programing is not appearing on the guide - even tonight's programs 2 hours from now) say "please wait" and is blank.

-The channel logos that were on the previous Fios TV guide are now for the most part a blue "TV" box instead of the actual logos (other than about a third or so)

-When I press record on the guide for a program already in progress or one later in the day - it does schedule to record, but no red dot or any other indicator appears in the guide to show its recording or scheduled to record as a single episode.  Series scheduled through the DVR do show an indicator, but not episodes set with the record button.

-The sales person should be shot for not telling me this - I had 1TB external hard drives connected to my previous Fios DVR.  Also the SATA connector is there, Quantum doesn't allow you to connect an external hard drive.  Probably won't because they want you to buy the storage from them.  So now I have significantly less recording capability.  Who cares if I can record six if I have smaller storage.

-The menu looks rough and unfinished compared to the previous FIOS TV version, and amateurish compared to Direct TV.

-There is a lag time in moving through menus that didn't exist with the Verizon FIOS

It didn't occur to me I'd be getting worse service by changing from Verizon FIOS to Quantum FIOS, I'd really like to change back but now I'm stuck with downgraded service.

Where do I file a complaint other than here? I couldn't find anywhere on the Verizon FIOS site to log a complaint.

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i had a very similar experience with the verizon customer service rep.

1.  I was told the installing tech would transfer all my settings from my old dvr to the new one.  He was not able to.

2.  I was told that the external hard drive I was using "may be readable" by the new dvr "that is hit and miss".  Not only does it not read it, it does not work at all as it is not supported.  I went from 1.5TB of storage to 1.0TB of storage, I was already having an issue.

3.  Now I have to set up my favorites (1&2) for three boxes manually for over 100 channels.  If everything is so integrated, why is this so painful.

I also concur with all of the points made by the original poster.

As far as I am concerned, I was misled by the rep onseveral things in this transaction.  Before the "upgrade" to quantum, I told everyone that I would not change from fios for anything.  Now, with quantum, there is no difference between them, comcast, dish, etc....

I totally regret moving to quantum.

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!


I will also add to this thread to warn people about how Verizon is misrepresenting the Quantum product...

Did a complete upgrade to the new Media Server with what I was told was a DVR with more space and can record up to 6 shows at once.  This is a lie!  The Media Server will allow a combination of recording and viewing up to 6 shows for your ENTIRE HOME.   With 6 boxes in the house you must subtract 1 available tuner for each cable box that is in use. " In use" could even be that one of the kids left the box on when they shut off the TV.  Their solution is to run around the house and make sure each box is off.  If my family is watching on each TV I can only record 1 show with my setup.

They sold me on increased spead and are now charging an additional $9.99/month for the new gateway router, yet my speed is exactly the same as it was before the upgrade.

Performance has also decreased, I had close to no lag when playing back on the DVR between the time hitting the remote and the time it responeded, there are now delays in not only DVR playback/functions but in changing channels.

I am now told that I must buy the "Premium Service" that has 12 tuners for an additional $10/Month.

I just advised Verizon to put back my old multiroom DVR and take out the gateway under the 14 day guarantee and to cancel my 2 year contract.  Will probably go back to Cablevision shortly after.

Beware before ordering this "Downgrade".

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One note:

You can use all 6 tuners for recording.

If a box is left on, it will tune to one of the channels that is recording.

If someone is watching a different channel on that box, they can change the channel.

It will tell them that they need to cancel one of the recordings in progress.