Fios Quantum TV install help

Hi all,

Ordered Quantum a month ago with an estimated date of the 28th.  To my surprise, the package got here early so I got to work going through the install.  Router installed perfectly, but the VMS is giving me all kinds of trouble.  Each time I try to go through the activation process I get to step 2c "code installation" and then an error pops up about the connection and to contact Verizon. I believe the error is 2302-??

I have had multiple chats and calls with Verizon, each time getting varied responses.  The first time they told me it was because I tried to install before the due date and that the date couldnt be changed.  Someone told me that was bogus, so I asked again to verify and I got sent to tech support for Quantum and they said no that isnt true that it should work whenever it is turned on, and to further disprove the first call my account was updated to the current date. 

Here are the steps that tech has had me go through so far (I should also mentioned that he "activated" the box on his end somehow?:

-hard reset the router-didnt work

-hard reset the VMS-didnt work

-change splitters in house to 2500mHz from 1000-didnt work

-try installing the VMS in a different room-didnt work

They now have me scheduled to have a tech come out, but have told me that I may be charged for the visit which I do not want at $93 for the first half hour and $50 plus each additional and they cant guarantee anything.  Tech said it could be just a simple bad box and if thats the case I wont be charged.  Does anyone here have any ideas or gone through something similar and have a fix? 

Re: Fios Quantum TV install help
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Community Leader

I assume you had everything disconected (or at least powered off) before you tried to bring up the VMS?

I would try calling Quantum support again. Their number is 855-6390288.

I had a problem the other weekend. Talked to somone for 90 minutes. Then he asked for help and found out a paramter was set wrong. Was back up in 5 minutes.