Fios Remote DVR Manager Requirements

I am wondering whether my Fios Router is one of the requirements of Fios Remote DVR Manager.

I have been using FRDM (Fios Remote DVR Manager) for several months without any serious problem using my computers at my home through Fios router. But I had the problem shown below, when I trid to use FDRS using my computer from a location in another state.

I turned off the computers, TV and the Fios router but kept on my QIP7216 to record scheduled programs.

I connected my computer to a network and accessed FDRS.

TV-Listing was displayed correctly. But when one of one of DVR menu items was accessed, "STB is not responding" is displayed and the screen was blank.

After one week later I backed home. My QIP7216 recorded every thing of scheduled programs, using 40% of DVR capacity.

I connected my computer and turned on Fios router. Now I was able to access  FDRS.

Next time I will keep the router on. Any comment or suggestion.

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FiOS Remote DVR is an IP-based service and requires and active IP connection to the STB to work, which is not the case when the router is off.  That's why you could not access the STB remotely when the router was off.