Fios STB issue

We had a significan power outage in out neighborhood (24+ hours) and all of our neighbors with FiOS service have lost their TV/cable/FiOS.

We had a funny thing where our PHONE works and our INTERNET (including Wifi) works and our newer STB works, but the older STB is drawing no power (no LEDs come on) despite power cycling, checking BBU, etc.  

I was on hold for hours with Verizon yesterday; the one time I got through to a live rep our phone died when he had me unplug the BBU and he never called back.  I of course got stuck on hold for several more hours.

I would love to just schedule a visit from a tech, but it seems like there is no way to do this online or easy way by phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Fios STB issue
Community Leader
Community Leader

If just one STB is not working, no reason for tech.
They should just send you a new one.

No reason for any other testing.

To be 100% sure, take the one that doesn't work and try it in place of the one that does. If still doesn't come up, then definately bad.

You can try contacting them via twitter @verizonsupport.

Just make sure you let them know it is just the one STB that is bad.