Fios TV Issues One Month In
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Most Fios TV

Multi-Room DVR - Hardwired

2 STB - Hardwired

Previous Directv subscriber 

DVR - On-Demand and recording playback start to freeze and the system becomes unresponsive having to power cycle it after 5-6 days of use.  This happens every week! 

Auto-Play has never appeared as an option on any recorded or on-demand series.

STB (both) - At times selecting Menu>Sports Guide the screen goes dark requiring power cycling the STB 2x to get the picture back.

Selecting Menu>On Demand results in a "Loading" dialog in the top right of the screen which never times out or completes requiring STB be power cycled.

Overall, the system is ok but needs work when compared to my previous DTV DVR and User Interface.

Re: Fios TV Issues One Month In
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Community Leader

Did you contact Fios support to get your system looked at by a technician? Sounds like an ont or router issue, possibly even wiring. The system should NOT act that way at all. P,ease either reachout to support on Twitter or call Verizon support.

1800Verizon or twitter @verizonsupport