Fios TV One - No Optical Out?

I am attempting to run HDMI to my Sony TV but run the optical output directly to my audio receiver. But I am only receiver white noise out of the hi-if receiver. 

I only have a 2-channel hi-fi receiver so I only want stereo signal/PCM.

”Stereo” output is chosen in my STB settings for the output (instead of “Surround”). 

When I go into the diagnostics screen however—it says Dolby Digital 5.1 is being output. There does not seem to be any function to change this. 

I called Verizon and the weird response I got was that optical output is not enabled on the Fios One box? How is that a possible answer?!

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As far as I know optical out IS available and working on the VMS 4100, not the mini. Go into the volume control on the box, make sure it is set to fixed and you should get a signal. It IS dolby 5.1, but I believe it IS PCM out of the box. Make sure you have a good optical cable, you should see red light on the end that goes to your receiver or sound bar, plug it in then set the device to optical input. You can also get an inexpensive RCA to optical converter if you need it for the mini. It might be tricky to set the Receiver to optical in, check the manual.