Fios TV One STBs

Now a "new" Fios customer (a.k.a. made a new account under a new name to get the deals new customers do and long-time loyal customers do not.) This installation comes with their new implementation of wireless STB's. The problem is, now how does this work if I want to use my own router as primary? Is Verizon's Quantum Gateway G1100 now required to be the primary? Or is there a set of steps that someone can list in order to make your own router the primary and still be able to keep everything running smoothly such as the guide and OnDemand? Don't care much about caller ID.

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I have read you need Verizon router to activate.

After that, you can use your own router (there is a thread on how to do it).

You will lose ability to connect remote stbs via WiFi but they also vwork via coax or Ethernet.


You must have their router for tv service unless you are using a MOCA adapter and a splitter to use the set top box. You must use their set top box in order to use the wireless connection to other fios one tv boxes. I have read the new boxes are not that good. Connection and voice problems and boxes that lose connections etc.

but your mileage may vary.