Fios TV Online stuttering
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Trying to use Fios TV Online and get an annoying stutter/lag in the picture every 1/2 minute or so.  Assume it's some kind of network issue as I would think if it was graphics display issue I would see it all the time.

Are there some minimum requirements for this application posted anywhere or does anybody know what they are?  Does anybody else experinece this issue? and if so do they know what causes it? and how to fix it.

It's odd that I get the same stutter viewing HBO or CNN which look to be entirely different type of signals.

This thread if the fios internet forum is reporting the same issue with a much more powerful machine that I'm using.

Re: Fios TV Online stuttering
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I didn't notice any periodic lag or stutter on HBO or CNN just now when I tried it for the maybe the second time ever. But I do notice a low frame rate, maybe 10fps (?). I never use the Verizon online TV feature for just that reason.

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