Fios TV not displaying HD on my Samsung HDTV

Recent Samsung 4K HDTV. I have HD quality when watching Netflix/Hulu via apps or gaming via HDMI. I CAN see that same clear HD quality when in the FIOS menu and the live tv screen is shrunken to the top right-hand side of the screen. I have played around in video settings a LOT.

Video Format is 1080i 16:9

TV Type is 16:9 

Graphics Setting is HD

Video Sharpness is 5-Sharper (also adjusted Samsung settings to 100 sharpness)

Coax cables connected to ONT are secure 

Live TV is slightly pixelated and not the perfectly clear image I expect.

Please help!

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Community Leader
Community Leader

What model STB do you have?

If you search the forums, some have reported that Quantum with a 4K TV does not always give great picture quality.

You may be in luck as there are new 4K Quantum STBs rolling out.