Fios TV unable to access internet/router

I have tried several things and can't seem to resolve a problem with all of my TVs being unable to access the internet/router.

Here are the symptoms:
1) Channels like 838/Netflix do not work.  Error = Unable to access widget server.

2) Program guide has no information (so DVRs don't record anything)

3) Only the two TVs connected to DVRs get any service.  My other 5 cable boxes get stuck on boot-up when they find they have no network connection.

My system:

  • G1100 router connected to ONT1000GJ4 via a CAT5E cable from the Ethernet jack.
  • I have an Orbi21 router hanging off the G1100. It is set to AP mode.
  • I have an Actiontec switch coming off my coax splitter.  It currently has no CAT5 connections.  I did try connecting it to G1100 (leaving the G1100 connected directly to ONT Ethernet jack).  No change.  
  • I split the coax 8-ways (7 TVs + Switch).  I don't think the splitter is an issue because I took one of the cables from one of the DVRs and connected it directly to the ONT Cable Out.  Did not seem to fix the problem.   

On my ONT, I have solid green lights for PWR, BATT, DATA, NTWK, MGMT.

Flashing amber for LINE/CARRIER

Flashing green for 10/100/1000

Nothing for MoCA.

Self diagnostics on one of the DVRs/TVs:

Valid IP address for LAN, but for WAN, Gateway, and DNS.

EPG Server, Widget Server, and Packages = Failed

I have powered-down/reset the ONT, router, and STBs.

I have held down the reset button on the router.

Not sure what to try next.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  And my wife may not kill me if this gets fixed soon...

Re: Fios TV unable to access internet/router
Community Leader
Community Leader

Did it ever work?  If so, did you change anything?

Is internet working on your computers and other devices?

Is the G1100 connected to coax?

What color is the Ethernet jack on the G1100 that's connected to the Ethernet cable from the ONT?

What is the Actiontec switch that is "coming of my coax spiltter?"  Ethernet switches don't have coax ports, so this requires more explanation or a model number.

Is the 8-way splitter MoCA rated?