Fios Taking Away TV Channels
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I am a FIOS triple play user and am mailing here since I cannot find any place on FIOS website to contact them via the Verizon website (silly). 

I am in my 2nd yr. of FIOS and they have taken away the fre Starz ch. Now, all I have left is few sports channel that I asked but cannot see any great shows nor movies since there are no greta channels FIOS gives. Cannot get basic National geogr. , no MSNBC just the best ones right now are AMC and FX and TNT . Why should i still pay a whole package of money when Optimum Altice One is offering me a buyout as well as 2 premium cha. and other stuff for 2 yr. contracted for 80/mth and taxes comes up to 120/mth?????????????? hope some one from Verizon FIOS has the time to reply to this mail.

frustrated - rs

Re: Fios Taking Away TV Channels
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This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

Yes, other cable providers will offer new customers a deal.

Verizon will do the same after you switch for a couple of months.

You must have a very low package.

You can upgrade your package even though you still have time left on your contract.

Of course there will be an increase in charges as well.

And check the Altice deal to see how long their offer of free premiums is vs any contract terms.

So offer 2 year contracts but only one year on freebies.