Fios Test Drive

 signed up for Fios TV, Internet and Phone (landline) package and it was installed on June 10, 2023. For the TV service I selected TV Test drive. On July 19 th, I received an email telling me that my recommendations were ready to view. I logged into my account, and clicked the "View TV Test Drive" button, but I have not been able to view my recommendations.

What I am Experiencing on

Here is what I am seeing when I try to view the TV Test Drive recommendations on my account on the website:

After clicking the "View Test Drive" button, a white overlay on the screen appears with a loading icon.
After a few seconds I am prompted to give permission for you to access my account, and I click the "Continue" button to give that permission.
The white overlay appears with the loading icon, again. Behind the overlay I can see the "Your Fios Test Drive", but the loading doesn't seem to stop and I can't do anything on the page.
If I click "Refresh" on my browser, the page loads as expected and I see the countdown for how many Test drive days I have left, and the list of the channels I have watched. There is prompt on the screen to view the recommendations.
I click the "View Now" button to view my recommendations, and the "The best plan for you" screen opens, It says "Click any box below for plan details", but there is no box below. There is a link that says "See All Plans", but when I click it, nothing appears.
Browsers & Devices

I have performed the steps above, many, many times on multiple browsers and devices and have gotten the same results. Below are the browsers and devices I have tried it on.

2 different Windows 10 Computers with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
Safari browser on my iPhone with IOS 15.3.1
On the Windows 10 computers, to troubleshoot the issue, I cleared my cookies and cache in both browsers but I continue to have the same results.

My Fios Mobile App Issue

I am having a similar issue when I try to view the recommendations on the My Fios App using my iPhon. However, the "Your Fios Test Drive" page never loads. I just see the white overlay with the loading icon, and can't go any further. To troubleshoot, on both devices, I uninstalled and reinstalled the application, but continued to have the same results.

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