Fios Upgrade Bugs

Since last weeks upgrade I have noticed the following bugs, wondering if they are system wide or specific to my installation:

1. Caller ID now shows up about 30 seconds into the call, it would be more helpful to know who is calling before I pick up.

2. The guide screen for shows just started does not display properly, when scrolling you see a show that has just ended, but when focus on the detail comes into view the name is displayed to the now showing show.  Why have the scroll if it's not accurate

3. Guide scrolling has become slower in the new interface.

4. DVR has become very flakey, competing shows start and the warning comes up after the show has stared of the conflict.

5. On-Demand.  Was it allways this way (don't think so) that you can no longer fast forward more than 2x.  Fios dropped me in the middle of a purchased movie and I had to start from the beginning, resume play did not work (started over) and could only 2x fast forward.

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On-Demand was always restricted to 2x speed in either direction. It sucked and continues to suck. This is common to On-Demand services on most cable systems.

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When you try to schedule shows that are further out than the current schedule, the dvr reboots.  Happened twice today When trying to schedule Touch which starts 1/25.  Problem occurs When trying to schedule the show or series.  I have two 7232 dvrs with attached esata drives.