Fios VMS1100 not able to use picture size button on remote.
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I upgraded to the new VMS1100 along with two of the client boxes a couple of months ago. 

The problem I'm having is with the digital channels and I'm sure everyone has this issue with digital channels. 

When you have an HD tv the digital channels either show up as a really small picture in the middle of the screen or a really wide picture with bars above and below. Well with my old box I could go to settings and set it to do nothing for sd channels and they just use the remote size button to zoom the picture to fit the tv. With the VMS1100 I have the setting set to do nothing to sd channels but the remote size button does nothing now:(

So the only thing I've been able to do to at least get rid of the little picture in the middle of the screen it to go to setting a select streach. That way I at least get a picture all the way accross the screen even tho it has big black bars across the top and bottom. 

So why does the size button on the remote not work for the VMS1100?

And you would think since this is suppose to be the most advance box out now that if you tell it you have an HDTV it would automatically make all the SD channels fit your screen. 

Guess it's not that advanced:(

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Is this the same remote you had with the old STB? What channels are showing side bars the SD or HD channels?

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The option is sadly missing on the media servers. A lot of us are hoping they bring it back in a future firmware update.

It was great for SD channels, but also the HD channels that showed older shows with the bars that werent originally filmed in HD.

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Do you have a resize button on either your TV or your receiver?

I just bought a new receiver (previously my set-top box was hooked directly to my TV).  Nothing happens any more when I hit the picture size button on my remote, but both my receiver and my TV have a picture size button and that lets me adjust it as desired.

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The old remote had a "size" button (#)that is not included on the new remote, and a voice option is not even available. This reduces viewing pleasure for SD programming. The option of using an old remote just adds to remote clutter. Using the tv manufactures remote is even more frustrating because of needing the extra remote and the number of steps to accomplish what used to be a one-button push on the old remote.

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