Fios is turning into a total disaster
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1) The guy on the Help channel on 131 talks so fast and the screens whiz by so fast as to be totally useless. I defy anyone to watch it and get an answer because there's no way in hell to jot down a note (I have 10 pages of notes right now), look at your remote, figure out what the hell the guy is referring to, and then figure out what he was saying.

2) The remocte control buttons are so sensitive that if you breathe on them something unexpected happens, and I constantly have to start over.

3) I received a dozen phone calls telling me when they'll be here, and I finally unplugged the phone two days ago, and when I tried to go to voice mail, they changed the number. I have emails being sent to two different addresses and all of them are duplicates, some are triplicates. Looks like I'm not the only when with sensitive keys.

4) I asked a question 2 days ago about setting up a list of reminders and was told by the chat guy "You can't do that". Turns out you can, in fact I have 40 reminders set.  

5) 46 keys on a remote is way too many, and a lot of them have dual functions, and I defy anyone to find information about the yellow, blue, red, and green dual function keys that have A, B, C, D. I asked about the PIP function, I can't remeber if it works, or why it's on there.

6) I never used Comcast's giant remote either, I had a simple basic remote, I don't understand why I have to pick a key, scroll left or right or up and down, select something else, scroll again, and then decide fractionally what type of screen I want to view. Why can't there just be a SET VIEW? In other words, just hit a button, like on the old, basic, plain vanilla remote, and it shows what programs are on, and then you just page down? Why can't there be a SEPARATE list of just Movies, or JUST SPORTS? Most of the channel numbers are different from Comcast, so if EVERYONE is coming from Comcast, then shouldn't the geeks have said, "Let's make it simple and keep the freakin' channel numbers the same"?

7)I'm constantly scrolling through channels that are reserved for something, or local programming, but you still have to scroll through them.

😎 I was in the middle of a chess game (winning) and a reminder popped up, I went to the station and then I couldn't continue my game.

9) I've tried using the online "search" function multiple times, and it keeps coming up with "no matches for your search". This shouldn't surprise me at all, as I repeatedly go to one of the Big Box outlets and have never been able to locate items using their search function, have repeatedly emailed them, they never fix it or allow better access to that their database, and so I simply travel to one of their competitors which is a farther distance.

10) If I'm watching a chanell, for example 181, and I press the Fios TV button, then the RIGHT ARROW, it shows me something called "Modes" and if I scroll down and select "Movies" (thinking I will see duh, a list of Movies currently airing), it goes straight to channel 186. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS? WHAT THE HELL IS THE RIGHT BUTTON FOR IF IT ALWAYS GO TO ONE CHANNEL? I came from Comcast, that's what the right button was for.

11) If I set 4 reminders, they pop up at 58 minutes past the hour, and then again at 00. And if I don't select one of them, or dismiss them, it automatically picks one out and goes to that station.

12) If I have 4 reminders set, and I switch to the program, and then decide to switch to one of the other reminders, they're no where to be found, that is, the current reminders aren't availbale any more.

13) The movie that just erroneously switched to, after pressing Fios TV, and the RIGHT ARROW, is supposedly called "The Patriot" with Steven Seagal, but it is "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson.

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1) Take a deep breath. 

2) This is FiOS, not Comcast.  FiOS is not going to carbon copy Comcast, as they'd then simply be Comcast 2.0.  Once you get used to FiOS, you'll have a tremendous appreciation for how they've grouped their HD channels.  Makes a heck of a lot more sense than the randomness that Comcast has.

3) Stop listening to the Help channel, and fiddle around with the remote until you are used to it, and the functions of the menus and channel guides.  The remote has as many buttons as it does because it is a universal remote, supporting DVRs, TVs, receivers, DVD players, CD players, etc. You don't need to use every button on the remote.  I certainly don't.

4) I've never used reminders, so I can't help you there.  I either simply remember that something is on or I DVR it, and end up being reminded that way.

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  The Chess Game is defective, inexplicably you can't QUEEN SIDE CASTLE at some times, other times you can. How dumb is that? Here's a FREE Chess Game that's 98% correct, thanx for choosing FIOS.

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I think it's called 'deep sea fishing'

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Can someone explain to me how they can't get a simple game to work?Smiley Mad CHess has only been around FOR 2,000 years, but they can't get it to work right on Fios, so why the h*ll do they offer it?

Every day I get some new email from Verizon, and it's ususally a duplicate or triplicate, why the h*ll is that? Can't they just send something once? I know of no other organization that has this problem EXCEPT VERIZON.

  I have 6 pounds of junk mail that I have been saving for the past 2 years, every friggin week I get junk mail for FIOS, and I think that's what it is -JUNK. I have had it one week and it has shutdown TWICE for no apparent reason. Some of my web sites take 20 seconds to load, I never had that problem befoire FIOS. My radio tuner just stops working, I never had that problem before FIOS.

  Is Fios still in Beta?? That woulds explain a lot, it's junk.

  Even this web site is a nightmare to navigate, I dare anyone to offer a simple explanation for why they inserted some stuff onto one page to begin with, and the Forums are an absolute triple nightmare to navigate through, nothing is arranged in any type of logical sequence, the same person who designed a phone bill must have had a hand in designing this web site.

   The remote control is another bizarre arrangement of illogically placed buttons, and the same with trying to navigate through the bizarre arrangements of menus.

   This is how they treat Verizon shareholders: by sending us junk mail for FIos EVEN AFTER WE HAVE IT INSTALLED. How bizarre is that? "Dear sir, YOU HAVE FIOS, SO HERE'S SOME MORE JUNK MAIL FOR FIOS." 6 pounds of it, over 200 pieces all mailed throgh the U.S. MAIL, BUT I'm SUPPOSED TO SAVE A TREE, AND HAVE MY BILL SENT ELECTRONICALLY. HOW MUCH SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? SAVE TREES SO WE CAN SEND YOU JUNK MAIL.

   FIOS IS A NIGHTMARE< NOTHING MAKES SENSE, not the web design, and they even sent 2 additional technicians to my house after I had it installed, because I simply added a movie feature, I ALREADY HAD FIOS INSTALLED AND THEY 2 GUYS OUT ANYWAY, AND NOT TO MENTION VERIZON CALLING ME 11 times before I had FIOS installed, like some kingd of telephone junk mail, calling me several times a day.

   I'm retired and have lots of free time, I think I will chat with their live help EVERY DAY UNTIL THEY GET THEIR BROKE CHESS GAME FIXED. WHY IN THE H*LL WOULD YOU OFFER SOMEONE A BROKEN GAME TO PLAY? It's only 2,000 years old for cryin' out loud.