Fios with Tivo and no quantum gateway
Hi Everyone,
I have had Fios for a year now with 1 cable card for my Tivo Bolt 1Tb, 3 Minis all hooked up via ethernet. I just recently removed the Quantum gateway because I would like to return it. I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router that connects to a 16 port switch which all of the Tivos are connected to.
The Tivo Bolt has ethernet from the 16 port switch and Moca from the ONT. The Bolt works everyday with no problems. If I disconnect the Moca from the Bolt, tv goes out. The Minis disconnect from the Bolt everyday and only power cycling them allows them to reconnect, which allows me to watch something.
I have all devices set to a static IP and the router and switch are not blocking the communication between them. I have the Bolt set up with just ethernet (not ethernet and moca) because all of the Minis are running over ethernet. I just recently picked up an Actiontec moca 2.0 adapter to see if that would solve the issue. The moca adapter did not recognize the coax coming from the ONT.
Has anyone dealt with this issue before? I feel that there has to be a way for the system to work with Fios without the need for the Quantum gateway.
Re: Fios with Tivo and no quantum gateway
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TV signal is coming via coax. No MOCA on coax as Internet is coming via ethernet from ONT to router.

So for TV, you have to have coax from ONT to TIVO.