FiosTV on Laptop

It's 2018 and still there's no support to watch tv using a laptop! It's disappointing to use a service that claims technologically advanced but doesn't factor in the end-user experince into consideration:

  • Watching TV on laptops is rudimentary at best
  • Quantum Gateway Receiver is substandard to use - WiFi speeds are nowhere near the advertised speeds and the WiFi coverage is very poor
  • Customer service is nothing to write home about - abusive and rude most of the time
  • Forced to pay for a landline that's seldom used (without a landline the price for FIOS goes up steeply!)

Clearly, Verizon's focus is not on FIOS TV users, it appears!

I'm writing this after reviewing many posts dating back to 2013 on this topic yet all of the problems reported more than 5 years back and since remain unsolved.