Flaw in Verizon FiOS DVR software... needs to be fixed.

If I want to record US Open Tennis on ESPN-2 and create a 'series' recording, I cannot set it up to 'end' 90 minutes late, for instance because the night session that starts 60 minutes after the day session ends has the same program name.

This is a consistent problem with tennis programming.

Verizon FiOS needs to name their day/night sessions slightly differently.  For instance 'US Open Tennis-day' and 'Us Open Tennis-night' or something like that - even if it is ESPN that names their programming, FiOS should be smart enough to allow users to record BOTH.  Right now, the series recording only records the day session anyway.


Re: Flaw in Verizon FiOS DVR software... needs to be fixed.
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Try modifying your series preference to "RECORD DUPLICATES". This should allow identical descriptions / titles to reccord for that specific series.

Also, why would you try to extend 90 minutes when the same channel you're already recording starts a new program that you want to record?  This would give you 30 minutes of duplicated recording (if it actually happened) unless I am misreading your original post.  Just add 60 minutes to cover the 1 hour that is not listed as tennis.