For Those With Bad Gateway DVR Issues
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I was determined to resolve my Remote DVR - Bad Gateway issue by myself without the help of Verizon Tech Support since many people seem to have the problem on these forums. And I'd like to report that I was successful last night. After randomly losing remote access to my dvr via the Verizon DVR manager on my smartphone, as well as via the DVR functions in MyVerizon I decided to troubleshoot the issue myself. Here's what I did:

I tried forcing an upgrade of the firmware on my Verizon Router to no avail.

I attempted to use the TV diagnostics through the MyVerizon site which appeared to not help as well.

However in the end, by going into my router and resetting the router to it's factory defaults, and then rebooting my dvr set top box, I regained remote access to my dvr inside of an hour.

Please Note: Do not attempt to reset your router to it's factory defaults unless you have a good understand of what you are doing. However, If you have never changed any of the settings (or had any of the settings changed by a verizon technician) on your router before, chances are you can reset it to the factory defaults without any consequences.

To reset your router to factory defaults:

-Navigate to your Verizon Router (Usually by typing into your web browser)

-Login with your username and password (Username is usually admin, and the password should have been given to you by the technician when they installed your service)

-Click on the "Advanced" icon in the top menu bar

-When asked to proceed click "Yes".

-Click on the "Restore Defaults" link under the toolbox icon

-Click "Save Configuration File" first before clicking Restore Defaults (Click save on the dialog box that pops up)

-Click "Restore Defaults" (click yes if prompted to proceed)

The router should take a few minutes to reset and reboot. If the login screen doesn't come up inside 60 seconds, click the refresh button/link. You will have to put in a new password after restoring defaults, but once you do, and reboot your DVR. You should get access back to your remote dvr within an hour or so.

Advanced Reasoning:

The reason this works is because the router automatically adds particular ports to the firewall to redirect the web/remote traffic to the correct set top box. Every so often the set top boxes might get a different IP address and the routing might get screwed up (in the event of a blackout or perhaps you get a new dvr). Since verizon has so nicely removed the ability to delete these port forwarding rules ourselves, the only way I found to reset the ports is to restore the router to it's default settings.

Hope this helps a few of you out there having the same trouble I am. Beats waiting on hold forever to speak to a technician that may or may not even be able to help.

Re: For Those With Bad Gateway DVR Issues
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You can also factory default the router by using a pen or paper clip to press and hold the button on the back of the router.  

Re: For Those With Bad Gateway DVR Issues
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Very true. The only reason I didn't do it that way is you can save the configuration file this way in case something possibly goes awry, or you realize you shouldn't have reset the configuration.