Four dash lines on Set Top Box, no tv!

 I was not receiving a few channels on one of my televisions and I just recently chatted through the live chat with a customer support rep, Rajeesh. After an hour of instructions, I have no channels working and four dash lines on my STB. I followed all of his instructions step by step, and he put my STB through a command & I lost all of my channels. After that, I haven't been able to fix it. What can I do?


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Call back to technical and hope you don't get Rajeesh again.  Seriously, the person taking through the steps should have remained on the line until your problem was resolved or scheduled a service call (if not resolved).

It sounds like your STB is not able to communicate with the Network.  If you pull the power for 15 seconds and reconnect, the STB should reboot.  This will show some activity on the front display, followed by the all dashes and after a few minutes (at most) the time should display.  Also make sure your Internet connection is working (in case Rajeesh borked your router).  If that doesn't happen you need to call Verizon because there is nothing we as a peer to peer (user to user) forum can do.


Re: Four dash lines on Set Top Box, no tv!

also, in all the hustle and bustle of disconnecting this and that, make sure that your wall coax cable is plugged into RF IN on your cable box, and not "to tv/vcr"

the dashes should go away as long as you have a good coax cable from the wall to the cable box and plugged into rf in.

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I have same issue - but not at first.   When I called, the time was displayed on the boxes, but no picture.  There was a message about channels not working, etc.  I tried the in home agent etc.  Then I called Verizon tech - Julian put my service through tests.  Nothing.  Then he had me un plug and plug back in the coax and power.  Then more tests - then the four dashes appeared.  He tried some more, then scheduled a technician to come out. 

Very frustrating  - I believe the dashes appeared because of whatever he did.  At least he followed through and scheduled a service appointment.  

Anyone go through this - and were the service people able to fix?   

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The four dashes come up at the point when the STB attempts to communicate across the Coax with your router to obtain an IP address so that it can go out and get it's guide data, etc.   If it can't communicate, you stay stuck at this point.

First, try resetting your router.  Make sure you have a good internet connection and all the lights are working. 

Check all of the splitters in the house and make sure all the connections are good.   Disconnect and reconnect each one to make sure that a bad connection didn't develop.     Make sure all splitters are digital grade 1GHz or higher capable splitters and that there are no amplifiers in the system.

Reset the box.

If you have more than one STB in the house, try temporarily moving the failing STB to the connection where the working STB is located.   If it starts working, then you have a bad connection to the room where the malfunction box is located.   Try moving the "good" STB to the room where the dashes were occurring and see if it exhibits the same behavior.

If it doesn't come back or move on from the 4 dashes after a few minutes, disconnect all connections in the house (to eliminate the source of any problems) and reduce the components involve to be only the ONT, the router, a single splitter, and the STB.  Preferably wired up as close to the ONT as possible temporarily to eliminate any house wiring and other factors as issues.

If it works, then you need to start looking for bad connections, cables, unterminated outlets, etc.

If it doesn't, then you may have a defective box.

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I experienced the same problem yesterday in the middle of my network re-work.

Let me try to summarize my current layout. Please note, this is an apartment with NO crawl spaces. 

ONT is in the MSTR Bedroom. MSTR has a 2:1 splitter (5-2400mhz).

     - Leg 1 goes to 6200 (About 3' of cable)

     - Leg 2 goes to BDRM2.(About 10' of cable)

BDRM2 has a 4:1 splitter (5-2400 mhz).

     - Leg 1 goes to the Hauppague 1600 in HTPC. (10' Cable)

     - Leg 2 goes to Netgear MCAB1001 MoCA Adapter ( for PS3) (7' Cable)

     - Leg 3 WILL go to Ceton on Monday, it is now terminated. (10' Cable)

     - Leg 4 goes to LVGRM.(less than 20' of cable)

LVGRM has a 2:1 (5-2400Mhz) splitter

     - Leg 1 goes to 6416 (3' of cable)

     - Leg 2 goes to Westell 9100EM (router) (20 - 25' of cable)

In the above configuration, every thing works 100%. No issues what so ever. However, when I swap the 6200 in MSTR with a 2nd NetGear, I lose connectivity to the internet and the NetGears drop and re-establish.

In my infinite wisdom, I decide to shorten my network and get the networking gear off of my desk. Shorter runs = better, right?

All I did was move the Westell into the spot of the NetGear, and attach the NetGear to the LVGRM Leg 2 with a 3' RG6 cable. Everything appeared to work, until I wanted to watch TV on the 6416. I couldn't tune in 513 (, so I refreshed the box to no avail, and power cycled the box to no avail. (Would sit with the Verizon FiOS Screen). Everything else worked.

So I ran around the place attaching terminators to the NetGear's COAX OUT to no avail. I checked the cables, and found a loose RG6 connector, so I attached a new one. Still nothing. 

As a part of my troubleshooting the 4 dashes on my 6416, I went to the 6200 and WAS ABLE to view my recordings off my 6416. I ran the System Diagnostics on the 6200, and the MR DVR client passed. I also swapped the 2:1 splitter in the LVGRM.

After I received the dispatch authorization for today at 2:00 PM, I replaced the 4:1 splitter with an unused 4:1 splitter to no avail.

Thankfully, my wife works retail, so she wasn't going to home until 9:30 PM. At 7:30 PM, I executed the back out plan which was to restore everything to its original location. Back out plan successful.

So I am back to the original configuration, until 1:00 PM or so, when I will move everything back to how I want it before the tech shows up.

Any ideas?


p.s. All cable is under the carpet. I ran it YEARS ago, and since then, we have had new carpet installed and there are tracks in the padding. I never knew I would want to use an HTPC or MoCA adapters back then.

Re: Four dash lines on Set Top Box, no TV!
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Quick update. Seems to be okay now. Changed the splitters.

EDIT - The 5-2400Mhz splitters with DC PASS seemed to be the issue. The Verizon tech replaced the 2:1 with 5/1300mhz, and the 4:1 with a 5/1000. I still can not add a 2nd NetGear MCAB1001, even at the outlet closest to the ONT with or without a new attenuator. Oh well, it isn't a big issue now. In the near future, I do plan on removing the 2:1 splitter in the living and running straight to the NetGear. Then I will try the 2nd netgear in the MSTR. This is all part of my plan to replace the STB's with Media Center Extenders.