Freezing and no sound on 600's and other stations
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Just at my 2 years and ready to call it quits. Two years of awful freezing and no sound on mostly 600 series channels but others as well. Numerous tech calls and visits. Bye-bye {please keep your posts courteous}, hello Direct TV.

Re: Freezing and no sound on 600's and other stations
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The sound problem sounds similar to a problem I just posted for someone else.

One common problem is Dolby Digital.  Try multiple channels.  Some channels use Dolby Digital and others don't, but some Tv's do not support DD.  I believe the Verizon Boxes default to DD if present (or it may have been set so by instaler).  For Tv's that do not support DD you need to set to linear pcm.  Setting it is often in some hidden menues.

Arris Quantum boxes.  Turn on, hold d about 5 seconds and release, user settings, additional hdmi settings, audio output, left or right to l-pcm

Older ARRIS (formerly Motorola) box.  From on, turn off at box, then hit ok, and then menu on remote (somewhat time sensitive).  The rest is similar to above, but I don't have a box to check on at my FL home.