Friendly Advice - Keep Records Of Your Service Appointments
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Just passing along some advice based on the experience I've had trying to get a video issue I've been dealing with for the past 7 months fixed. 

For whatever reason, it seems that Verizon does not keep records on persistent issues a customer is having. I've contacted Verizon via phone and their social media tech chat more times than I care to remember and have gone though all of the self-help troubleshooting there is. I've also had numerous tech visits with many attempts to correct the problem. All of the techs and the people I have spoken with have been courteous and professional. However there seems to be a major glitch in Verizon's technical assistance system that you need to be proactive about. Every time I would call or log in with the online chat and everytime I would have a tech come out to my house it was as if the problem had just started. The techs had no record of past work done by other techs - the only thing they had to go by was what I would be able to provide them. So if you have an issue you will be helping yourself as well as Verizon if you jot down some notes as to what was done and what you were told (tech impressions and suggestions on what should be done next if the issue persists). This way you won't have to watch your ONT or a splitter be replaced for the 5th or 6th time and wonder how all the other ones could have possibly been defective and advance the ball in regards to getting your issue resolved.

Remember, you don't have to write a book - just some notes in regards to what you were told, what was done and so on.

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