'GUIDE' errors. Too many.
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Watching 2012 Summer Olympics on NBC channels. This is how all the games are listed on FiOS TV Guide regardless of who's playing:

Episode: "Men's Soccer: Qualifying Round"

Cast: "LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant..."

I know I don't need to tell anyone these guys can not differentiate their right feet from their left feet. And they are not foreigners either. FiOS, if you don't care to know the players of other teams other than the U.S., at least put their coaches' names under 'Cast'. Typical.

Re: 'GUIDE' errors. Too many.
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You didn't know Lebron played SoccerSmiley Very Happy.  I wouldn't expect the Olympic events to be listed correctly.  They often change planned coverage at a moments notice.  They been wrong across several olympcis and different providers.

Re: 'GUIDE' errors. Too many.
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It is not only the Olympics that the guide screws up.  There are so many program errors that ruin recordings it is ridiculous.  People at my office who have verizon all **bleep** about how bad the guide content is.  It's pretty bad when it is the subject of office conversation.

Re: 'GUIDE' errors. Too many.
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Every customer who has fios for their tv has the same exact issue with the guide suzanne7777. The guide data has been awful since 2005 according to verizon's own customers who were the first to get it in texas. It is primarily their guide provider fyi television who is in texas who is at fault but that does not excuse verizon from making the corrections or getting at the heart of the matter when it comes to fixing the guide data. They could change guide providers which is what verizon customers want them to do because the software that fyi television is using on their end often misidentifies things for the guide or does not receive the updates from the channels so the latest schedules can appear on people's dvrs when they pull up the guide. At some point there will be a mass exodus over this issue where customers can only take so much where verizon might finally realize how important it is to have up to date guide data because if it is inaccurate then having dvrs is pointless. Google fiber just launched where for $120 a month you can have 1000 megabits per second which is a far faster speed than what verizon's heavily hyped quantam 300 megabits per second has and they also have tv too. Apple will also be launching a tv internet phone service. If verizon does not get its act together with regards to the guide data or with its overpriced internet speed then another provider like google or apple will end up not only getting all of their customers but the customers of a lot of other internet and tv providers.

Re: 'GUIDE' errors. Too many.

google is in kansas city, might as well be canada.