Garbage hardware/support

Ok, where do I start....this is a WARNING TO NON-VERIZON customers: DON'T sign up for this JUNK!

I joined this company in November of 2019 (~6mo ago). Assumed it was 'the best' as it is outrageously expensive. 😞

FIRST: the TV box (ARRIS VMS4100) has been a straight nightmare. Absolutely and completely 100% garbage. And somehow Verizon doesn't understand this...yet

Here is a picture to show what it's been doing once EVERY month (since December).


(TWO red solid lights on front of box with no picture on tv - tv says no input)

Bet you couldn't guess how many boxes I have replaced since (now that it's fried again) will be my 6th box. 6th....AND THEY STILL CHARGE ME FOR THIS JUNK!

SECOND: The 1800 tech line you call is 100% useless. No one speaks english. No one understands what your saying. And you (me) cannot understand ANYTHING that their saying. EVERY TIME I call to complain and get a replacement it takes a minimum of 2 **bleep**....

Now, you say, it must be the house/connection. We thought so too, but here are TWO points to counter that:

1. While the TWO red lights are on box A, I unplug it and plug in the replacement box (B) and guess works instantly (after 30+ min of **bleep** setup time...which is a headache in of itself...). No red lights, just the normal green/white or whatever. But the box will only work for a month then poof...junk too.

2. I had a TECH come out: he checked all the lines, the 'outside' box, etc. all checked out fine. He gave me a [another] new box (6th one) before he 'completed' the call, set it up and was good to go. That was like 6 weeks ago today. Today: you'll never guess - yup, it's now junk too...smh

I am beyond frustrated! I researched these 2 red lights and don't see anyone else having this issue? How is that possible??? These boxes are complete and utter JUNK. Everything is setup correctly (internet works great/router is always plugged in) but yet the stupid set-top box fails once every month for 0 reason (seems to happen sometime overnight as its fine at 10pm but then by 6am its fried....every time)

lol...and get this: stupid customer service said if I wanted the older box because this one we're having problems, it would still be the same price but with 1/2 the features...hahah. Are they kidding me?? They should be paying ME to be using this garbage & deal with this headache (especially over and over)...

THIRD: Verizon doesn't even have 'fios' stores. Only wireless stores. So, this means WHEN you have a problem (and you will), you can ONLY call the useless 1800 line. And you have to 'try' and get them to understand your problem. Now, once you (hopefully) get them to understand, you have to go to a WIRELESS store and exchange these boxes and the people there have 0 clue about FIOS. So if you don't get an 'exchange ticket' from 1800 support, you cannot simply walk into their building and talk to someone to exchange it - you'll simply be **bleep**. For comparison, COMCAST has buildings & people that when you walk in they can help you 100% right there. 100% opposite with Verizon

This is a fair warning to anyone THINKING about going to Verizon, DONT! (and I feel really bad for anyone that has no other choice..good luck if so 😞 ) Their 1800 number is useless (out of 6 total calls I probably spoke to 10 different people - I went thru 4 different cs reps in 1 call once - and I don't remember 1 of them speaking understandable english - which will incur 2+ hours on the phone EVERYTIME!), and their techs that come out don't help much either.  

If you think Comcast is bad (which we came from), trust me, the grass is burnt over here. Nothing good on this side. Stick with Comcast, they may be terrible in some ways, but I can guarantee that situations like this never happened during our time with them (we had Comcast for 16 years - almost 0 problems that whole time just got more expensive is why we wanted to try Verizon). At least they have stores you can walk into and actually TALK to someone that speaks english, and their CS has english speaking people. Their techs weren't bad either. And for Verizon to charge what they do for these garbage services/hardware is incredible, 

Ugh, such a MISTAKE switching 😞 smh

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