What the hell is wrong with the Genre filter here? On Time Warner it sorts available on-demand shows and movies by normal genres like Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Travel, Game Show. Here, the only genre options are things like 'Entertainment' 'Women' 'Health' 'The Cutting Edge' and even when you click on those it just takes you to a list of networks and then a list of every program made by that network, not a list of specific tv shows in the genre you've chosen. The 'Most Popular' menu option only has one section: 'Kids'. What???

This is completely unhelpful. I have to already know exactly what I want to watch and search for it by name, or be willing to scroll through lists of every single program available because there's no functional way to just browse through a filtered list of programs I might be interested in. This is an extremely basic feature and I can't believe that Fios doesn't have it. This entire UI is so bad compared to Time Warner and Comcast it's like I've actually gone back in time. I'm seriously considering dropping Fios TV altogether because what's the point if you can't find the things you want to watch.