Gripes with DVR and Fios in general

So, there are a few things that totally bug me.

1, Whenever there is an update the recently watched list is deleted.

2. Since the last update the recently watch list doesn't work like it use to. You're pretty much forced to watch a channel for 5 to 10 minutes before the channel sticks to the list.

3, Searching for a show to record. If the show is OnDemand there is no record option. I tried to set up a recording of The Orville and cant do it. Meanwhile, I searched for a Blondie movie found it and I was able to record.

Most of the service is fine but these are bugging me big time. With my previous provider all of these were possible.

Re: Gripes with DVR and Fios in general
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Community Leader

No reason to record on demand. Idea is you can watch it anytime you wish.

I don't believe any provider allows you to record on demand.